Exhaust Axial Fan Covers

The fan guard covers can be made of steel wire or plastic material. We supplies only metal wire grid covers for the radiators, fans, generators, diesel engine parts used in heat, exhaust and ventilation protection. The wire diameter applied is 0.5mm to 5mm. The circle distance ranges from 0.3cm to 5cm.
Also named as finger grille, fan covers, protection hood of diesel engines, metal fan guards, etc.

Processing: Through bending of wire forms, fine welding, grinding, surface treatment, etc. The surface treatments include electroplating, hot dip, plastic spraying; Electrolytic polishing.

Axial Guards for Radiators and Fans

Popular Fan Dimensions Applied:
 ZXFC-40 for 40mm fan,
 ZXFC-50 for 50mm fan,
 ZXFC -60 for 60mm fan,
 ZXFC -70 for 70mm fan,
 ZXFC -80 for 80mm fan,
ZXFC -90 for 92mm fan,
 ZXFC -110 for 110mm fan,
 ZXFC -120 for 120mm fan
 ZXFC -125 for 125mm fan
 ZXFC -150 for 150mm fan
 ZXFC -172 for 172mm fan
 ZXFC -180 for 180mm fan
 ZXFC -200 for 200mm fan
 ZXFC -220 for 220mm fan 
 ZXFC -250 for 250mm fan
ZXFC -300 for 300mm fan