Wire Basket - Wire Grids and Wire Forms Offered by Zhenxing

We offers wire mesh baskets and wire mesh containers for containing and shopping of fruits and other daily articles.

Made of stainless steel wire or other wire materials. In different sizes and designs. If you are interested in wire mesh baskets and containers, please send us your specific requirements.


The mesh basket is mainly made of stainless steel 302,304,316,316L and less low-carbon steel wire according to customer’s requirements.


Wire mesh basket can be made through wire processing: bending, welding and finishing.

The surface treatment can be electrolytic polishing or chrome and nickel plating.


Welded by high quality steel, to achieve the national food hygiene standards. The surface is smooth. Non rust, anti-corrosive, Non-toxic. Suitable to Hygienic and environmental protection. Eco-friendly wire basket is durable,convenient and popular.


Mainly used in washing, disinfection, sterilization and storage of medical apparatus, food appliance, laboratory, transportation etc.

Popular Shopping Basket:
Materials: Steel wire or ss.
Wire Thickness: 2.5mm, 3mm or 4.5mm
Dimensions for Shopping Baskets: 443mmx 320mm x 190mm.
Max. Loading Capacity: 25kg.
Can be supplied with handles, single or double.


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