Electric Cooling Fan Guards

Zhenxing supplies welded wire guards designed for three types of electric cooling fans: the ceiling fans, the desk fans and floor fans. The precisely welded wire forms a grill metal cover with an uniform distribution of wire spacing. This wire product allows smooth air flowing through the electric fans, at the same time, the grille will block the small stuff from getting into the fan.

Processing of Electric Fan Guards:
The wire guards are made from choice steel wire or stainless steel wire, then through cutting ,bending ,arc welding and surface treatment.

We have a dozen professional machines for making of electric fan guards. The machine can produce more than 20pcs wire guards per hour. We can make the fan cover as your drawing or words description.

The Surface Treatments Available for Zhenxing Cooling Fan Guards:
The surface for the finished wire guards shall have good adhesion, excellet corrosion resistance and maximum strength.

Common finishes include: Hot dipped zinc plating, electro galvanizing, chrome plating, powder coating and UV-resistant epoxy coated.

Technical Details:
Material: Stainless steel wire (AISI201/304/316,etc.) or low carbon steel wire.
Wire diameter applied: 0.5--5.0mm.
Fan Guard / Cover Diameter (Round Type): 40mm, 50mm, 60mm , 80mm , 120mm, 180mm. Custom sizes can be fabricated .

Features: Reliable welding, smooth surface , anti-corrosion, no-rusting, easy cleaning.

Application: Our range of metal grid fan guards are known for covering the edges of the electric cooling fans.

Electric Fan Guard with Chrome Plating Finish Stainless Guards Designed for Electric Cooling Fans
Bright Steel Guards with Zinc Plating Packed Metal Grid Fan Guards